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Commanding Officer
Captain Nicholas M. Homan, USN
Nimitz Operational Intelligence Center





The Nimitz Operational Intelligence Center is the Navy's pre-eminent Center of Excellence for operational and strategic analysis of events associated with the maritime domain. The center supports operational commanders and national policymakers, and provides timely and relevant analysis tailored to meet customer requirements. The Nimitz is one of four Centers of Excellence that are distinct commands under the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).



The Nimitz Operational Intelligence Center creates decisional advantage for naval and national leadership through deep, penetrating knowledge of the global maritime environment, as enabled through persistent and incisive analysis by naval, civil maritime and regional experts.


Functions, Roles & Responsibilities

Geographically-Oriented Cells


The Nimitz Center's geographically-oriented cells and detachments are scalable teams focused on specific areas of interest. The cells are supported by tactical Operations experts (SABER, SPEAR, SWORD), and provide extensive knowledge to Navy operational forces and planners on strategy, doctrine, capabilities, operations, readiness, tactics, and plans of potential naval adversaries.


Transnational Threat Department (TNT)

The TNT provides ONI the intelligence analytic and information management baseline capability underpinning commitment to the achievement of Global Maritime Intelligence Integration (GMII) and Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA). As such, TNT partners with analysts from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Multiple Threat Analysis Center (MTAC) and the U.S. Coast Guard Intelligence Coordination Center (ICC) to provide in-depth term, trend, operational, and current analysis designed to counter illicit weapons proliferation, and narcotics smuggling as well as to counter maritime crime and piracy.


Fleet Support Department (FSD)

The FSD integrates the Nimitz Center's geographically oriented cells (GeoCells) with the Global Maritime Intelligence Watch regional desks to provide naval, maritime and indications and warning (I&W) support to the Fleet, DoD, national intelligence agencies, U.S. law enforcement organizations, and other U.S. government agencies and allies. The GeoCells are scalable teams, supported by tactical operations experts (SPEAR, SABER, SWORD) that provide extensive knowledge to Navy operational forces and planners on strategy, doctrine, capabilities, operations, readiness, tactics, and plans of potential naval adversaries. The Watch operates 24/7 to extend and tailor this deep knowledge to the Fleet and other customers while maintaining situational awareness on high interest shipping and naval associated activity, and provides current civil maritime location data on vessels sailing throughout the world. Together, this department delivers analytic excellence directly to the doorstep of both senior policy makers and deployed forces.


Fleet Intelligence Specialist Team (FIST)

FIST provides fleet commanders access to a group of highly skilled imagery analysts. The team is composed of a Direct Support Element (Afloat) and a Tactical Element (Shore] that maintains a continuous watch in support of deployed naval forces. The FIST mission includes I&W through the exploitation of imagery obtained by national, theater, tactical, and commercial means. FIST support is Fleet-focused, and also responds to CNO and nationally directed requirements that support relief operations associated with natural disasters.

Naval War College (NWC) Detachment (DET)

The Naval War College Detachment provides intelligence support to the college's research, analysis, and war gaming programs, and facilitates ONI access to research and analytic expertise. The DET is uniquely positioned to collectively develop solutions to complex maritime challenges facing our nation and the world.


Naval Warfare Department (NWD)

NWD seeks to enable intelligence and drive operations by combining the tactical expertise of Fleet-experienced submarine, air, surface warfare, and information dominance officers and sailors from Navy core warfare disciplines, with career civilian intelligence analysts, to provide detailed analysis of naval warfare threats posed by foreign weapons systems and countries of interest.  NWD supports operational commanders, mission planners, naval warfare development centers, and the National Intelligence Community with unique and penetrating tactical and operational assessments.  NWD provides this dedicated, Fleet-focused support via four functionally aligned divisions, specifically:

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