Office of Naval Intelligence

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Security Procedures


The Office of Naval Intelligence, which is located in the National Maritime Intelligence Center (NMIC), is a restricted federal installation, located at the Suitland Federal Center.  As such, the security and protection of property, personnel, and classified material on the installation must be ensured.  Vehicles and personnel who enter the NMIC facility are permitted entry conditioned upon consent to be inspected or searched.  Entry and exit inspections are authorized to prevent or deter the unauthorized entry of personnel, as well as the following items:  firearms, ammunition, alcohol, illegal controlled substances, personally owned recording devices, cameras, cellular phones, thumb drives, personal laptops, MP-3 players, PDSs and PEDs with record capability, personal two-way pagers, explosive and combustible materials, corrosive chemicals, and chemical or biological materials.


Visitor Arrivals


Accessing the Suitland Federal Center



All visitors to the NMIC Facility must first pass through the Suitland Federal Center Main Gate, located adjacent to the Suitland Metro station on Silver Hill Road (directly across the street from Popeye’s Chicken).


All visitors must present a picture ID card. Acceptable picture IDs include Intelligence Community (IC) badges, Common Access Cards (CACs), military ID cards, passports, state drivers’ licenses, etc. All visitors, except those with a CAC, must be pre-announced by ONI Security 24 hours in advance of their expected arrival. In order to be "pre-announced" visitors should contact the appropriate ONI individual or office they are visiting.


Accessing the NMIC Facility


Personnel who hold a valid IC badge will be allowed immediate passage to the NMIC facility and directed to park in the visitor’s lot.


Visitors who are not IC badge holders and are arriving or have an appointment with an individual at the NMIC facility must be pre-announced by the appropriate individual or office that you are visiting 24 hours prior to your arrival. This includes U.S. military personnel, government civilians, contractors, and foreign nationals. All individuals must present appropriate photo identification (see above) prior to obtaining entry onto the facility.


NOTE: Visitors to either the Suitland Federal Center or the NMIC are subject to random inspections as part of the organizations’ antiterrorism program.