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Welcome aboard, military service members!


The following personnel have been trained to assist, guide, and smooth your transition into the Office of Naval Intelligence. If you are unable to reach your sponsor, contact the Military Personnel Office Administration (301-669-3479) and we will assist you.


Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)

MILPRS Admin, (301) 669-4069

UICs:  00015, 68166, 46804


FARRAGUT Technical Analysis Center (TAC)

FARRAGUT Admin, (301) 669-5800

UICs:  53262, 32998, 43656, 48909


NIMITZ Warfare Analysis Center (WAC)

NIMITZ Admin, (301) 669-4819

NIMITZ Admin, (301) 669-3278

UICs:  53260, 3583A, 3584A


KENNEDY Maritime Analysis Center (MAC)

KENNEDY Admin, (301) 669-4989

UICs:  3540B, 3541B


Hopper Global Communications Center (GCC)

HOPPER Admin, (301) 669-4777

UICs:  53261, 39545





Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI)

Before arriving, be sure that you initiated or completed your Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) for access to Top Secret and Sensitive Compartmented information (SCI) within thirty days of receipt of orders. All SSBI requests can be submitted to Office of Personnel management through Electronic questionnaire for investigations processing (E-Quip).

**Note: SSBI is needed in order to get computer access. ** 





Check-In Procedure

Upon arrival at the National Maritime Intelligence Facility, proceed to the visitor parking lot in the front of the building and park in any unmarked space.


Enter the NMIC at the main entrance (marked by flagpoles).  The Officer of the Deck will be able to direct you to a phone from which you can call your sponsor.  The Badge Office is located right around the corner from the Quarterdeck and your sponsor will assist you in obtaining a temporary badge, which will allow you access to the rest of the building. Your sponsor will proceed to direct you to your Command Administrative department where you will start your check in process.  Please ensure you have your original orders.


After hours


Please contact your sponsor, then check into your hotel, BEQ, or BOQ accommodations.  Your sponsor will check you into your Command Administrative department the next work day.


**Note:  Your date of arrival and not your date of check-in will be annotated on your orders by Command Administrative department at the time of check-in.


House Hunting TAD

If a member is unable to utilize permissive TAD at the old PDS, or member's orders are modified to change the ultimate PDS, members may be authorized by an intermediate temporary duty station CO to take permissive TAD house hunting.  The member must execute the permissive TAD at no cost to Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS) or the intermediate duty station, and must return to the intermediate duty station prior to resuming execution of the PCS orders.  The member will not be authorized travel allowances for the intermediate duty station while conducting permissive TAD house hunting.


Member is advised to take house hunting leave after checking into into their command (ONI, Farragut, Kennedy, Nimitz, or Hopper).




PSD Washington, DC

Command Administration Department will be the liaison between the member and PSD. **Note: For ONI the Liaison is Military Personnel Office (MILPERS).**


Once you check in with your Command Administrative department, you will be given a gain package to complete. When you have completed the gain package, your Command PSD Liaison(Admin Department) will submit it to PSD through TOPS.  You will also have to report to the NAF Washington Branch Clinic/Andrews Medical on Andrews Air Force Base to turn in your medical and dental records.


**Note: NAF Andrews Medical is the Primary Care Facility (PCF) for ONI personnel.  If you desire to have your PCF located elsewhere, you must submit a request to Sierra Health Care, the TRICARE provider for the region.

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited on Suitland Federal Center Compound.  Cellular phones, personal two-way pagers, personal laptops, thumb drives, and other electronic devices maybe left in your vehicle but are not allowed in the ONI building.


  • Firearms and Dangerous Weapons
  • Ammunition
  • Alcohol
  • Narcotics
  • Illegal Controlled Substances (other than prescription medicine)
  • Personally Owned Recording Equipment (audio, video, photographic, magnetic, optical, etc.)
  • Cameras
  • Cellular Telephones
  • Thumb Drives
  • Personal Laptops
  • MP3 Players
  • PDAs
  • PEDs
  • Personal Two-Way Pagers
  • Explosive and Combustible Materials
  • Corrosive Chemicals
  • Chemical or Biological Materials​

ONI Programs and Amenities

Benefits designed to promote a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle, include:

  • Free, off-street parking and available Metro subsidies
  • Full-service cafeteria & break areas
  • Fitness Center with full-time trainer and group exercise classes
  • Navy Federal Credit Union Branch
  • Barber/stylist
  • Dry cleaning services
  • Discounted movie & event tickets
  • Community involvement & volunteer opportunities
  • Proximity to cultural arts & professional sports venues​

Uniform Shop

Navy uniform shops are located in the Washington Navy Yard Exchange Building and at the Navy Annex (Wing 56), and Bethesda Hospital.  The uniform shop at the Navy Yard is open Monday through Friday 1000-1630 and Saturday 1000-1500.  The uniform shop at the Navy Annex is open Monday through Friday 0900-1640 and Saturday 1000-1400.  Most uniform items are available, as are tailoring facilities.  Additionally, you may order uniforms and uniform items from the Uniform Support Center 1-800-368-4088.  You can take these uniforms (along with your receipt) to any Navy Uniform Shop and receive free tailoring.


Each command under ONI has their own administrative department and their own check-in policies and procedures. Please ensure that you check-in with the Command Administrative department.

Command Indoctrination (INDOC) will be scheduled with the SSO office by your Command Sponsor.  Once Scheduled, an agenda and attendee list will be sent to the ONI Center of Excellence Representatives.  INDOC is held bi-weekly from 0800-1530, Military INDOC is held monthly and is required for E-6 and below.

Military Resources



Housing Assistance

Military Service members attached to the Office of Naval Intelligence whom choose to stay in military housing are required to contact Anacostia/Boiling Housing Office for housing and housing occupancy before seeking housing at alternative bases.





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