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New ONI Employee Information



We are pleased you have chosen ONI as your place of employment. The information provided will help you transition into our organization.


Before You Arrive | Your First Day |


Before You Arrive


1. Ensure you are scheduled for SSO Indoctrination. You should have received confirmation in this course, at least one week prior to your start date.


2. Plan your way to the National Maritime Intelligence Center (NMIC).


Maps and Directions


3. Ensure you bring a valid driver’s license and any other required documents the agency has asked for.


4. Only newly hired civilians are required to complete all actions, per their final offer letter from the Civilian Intelligence Personnel Office and the following documents:




Your First Day



1. On your first day of employment, you must report to the foyer of ONI’s Visitor’s Entrance and obtain a badge. Here you will find an agenda and map to the training room.

2. SSO Indoctrination is a full day program. Only newly hired civilians report according to their final offer letter. All other attendees report no later than 0830. This course is required to obtain your badge and will arm you with important and useful information for your work at ONI.



The ONI Enterprise