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Worldwide Threat to Shipping 


Combining extensive maritime industry expertise with cutting-edge operating intelligence and analytic capabilities, the Office of Naval Intelligence is the nation’s leading provider of merchant shipping expertise. The following reports are produced to inform naval forces, merchant mariners, and the public.  


ONI Monthly Worldwide Threat to Shipping Reports

The Worldwide Threat to Shipping (WTS) message provides information on threats to merchant vessels, the shipping industry, and other maritime stakeholders worldwide in the last 30 days.



NOTE: Effective 28 August 2020, the Weekly Piracy Update has been discontinued and a section of our former WPU has been incorporated into our (expanded) Worldwide Threat to Shipping (WTS) Report. The new WTS section (Appendix A) provides Piracy and Armed Robbery at Sea statistics and trends for the last six months and the last five years.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Maritime Safety Products and Services

The NGA Maritime Safety Office collects, evaluates and compiles worldwide marine navigation products and databases. It is responsible for maritime safety and hydrographic activities including support to the worldwide portfolio of NGA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration standard nautical charts and hardcopy and digital publications.


Maritime Security Communications with Industry (MSCI)

The U.S. Maritime Advisory System serves as the consolidated U.S. government system for communication with U.S. maritime industry stakeholders regarding potential or observed maritime security threats. This system involves cooperation between U.S. government maritime security partners from the Departments of State, Transportation, Defense, Homeland Security, the Intelligence Community, and the Global Maritime Operational Threat Response Coordination Center (GMCC). U.S. Maritime Alerts expeditiously provide basic information (location, incident type, and date/time) on reported maritime security threats to U.S. maritime industry interests. In some situations, a U.S. Maritime Alert may be issued to refute unsubstantiated claims. U.S. Maritime Alerts do not contain policy or recommendations for specific courses of action (this type of information is reserved for U.S. Maritime Advisories). A U.S. Maritime Advisory may precede or follow the issuance of a U.S. Maritime Alert and is intended to provide more detailed information, when appropriate.

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