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Types of Jobs


Scientific & Technical Engineers

ONI employs all types of engineers, including those in the aerospace, computer, electronic, mechanical, general and naval architecture disciplines. Incumbents perform work in the areas of design, development, research, analysis, installation, logistics, production and maintenance.



ONI scientists perform work in the physical and computer science disciplines as mathematicians or physicists. ONI mathematicians apply analytical techniques to scientific and technical problems related to foreign naval missile systems. They assist in researching, collecting, analyzing, evaluating and interpreting a variety of sources to provide a coherent, concise, and timely intelligence response to customers. ONI physicists use scientific and all-source analysis methodologies and techniques to address scientific and technical intelligence problems in the area of electronic warfare.


Intelligence Specialists

Intelligence specialists perform collection, analysis, evaluation, interpretation, and dissemination of intelligence and/or products that directly impact U.S. Naval forces and U.S. national security.


Information Technology Specialists

Information Technology specialists work on the cutting edge of technology in a variety of areas, including systems analysis, applications software, network services, telecommunications and customer support.


Security Specialists

Our security specialists protect information, personnel, property and material. Their work can include conducting facility surveys, resolving clearance issues and safeguarding sensitive government programs.


Police Officers

Job opportunities exist in our Security Directorate for police officers to protect the facility and control access to the NMIC by performing interior and perimeter activities to ensure the security of the NMIC.

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