FACTSHEET | May 29, 2020

Hopper Information Services Center Factsheet

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The Hopper Information Services Center provides mission-related information technology and services to the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), its subordinate Commands, the Fleet, and Joint Forces by enabling the rapid delivery of intelligence to customers via an architecture that employs new technologies and applications capable of moving intelligence in an open, mission-enabling and information-sharing environment. The Hopper Center is one of four Centers of Excellence that are distinct Commands subordinate to ONI.



The Hopper Center delivers responsive, reliable, and adaptable intelligence mission systems, applications, and services in support of sustained global maritime and joint intelligence operations.



To field an array of world-class intelligence information technologies-integrated, interoperable and secure-that deliver decision superiority for policymakers and commanders throughout all dimensions of maritime and joint warfare.


Functions, Roles & Responsibilities

The Hopper Center provides critical information services that support global maritime and joint intelligence operations. More than 850 Hopper Center military, civilian, and contractor information technology professionals are spread across 42 locations in 11 countries. These personnel integrate, test, field, train, and sustain advanced technologies to enable the missions of ONI and its analytic Centers of Excellence: the Nimitz Operational Intelligence Center, Farragut Technical Analysis Center, and Kennedy Irregular Warfare Center. As executor for the Joint Deployable Intelligence Support Systems (JDISS) Joint Program Office (JPO), the Hopper Center extends these capabilities to support combatant commands, joint task forces, interagency, and coalition partners in the conduct of their missions.


The Hopper Center ensures the security posture of its customer base through testing and certification of Navy ashore and fleet Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) systems.


The operation of global SCI communications for Navy ashore and fleet units, as well as the provisioning of tactical SCI messaging support, are critical to the success of deployed force operations.