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FACTSHEET | May 29, 2020

Kennedy Irregular Warfare Center Fact Sheet

Kennedy Irregular Warfare Center Seal

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The Kennedy Irregular Warfare Center is the Navy's pre-eminent Center of Excellence for delivering Irregular Warfare-centric intelligence and to support operations and planning to meet the demanding requirements of the Department of Defense (DoD), Naval Special Warfare (NSW), and Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) communities. The command blends a unique, all-source analysis reachback capability with an ability to deploy intelligence analyst operators alongside naval forces confronting asymmetric challenges around the globe.


Kennedy provides products and services to meet Navy, (DoD), National, NSW and NECC maritime Irregular Warfare intelligence requirements and performs other func­tions and tasks as assigned by higher authority.


Functions, Roles, Responsibilities
Kennedy's total force concept includes a diverse cadre of multi­discipline intelligence professionals, both military and civilian, versed in operations, analysis, targeting, collection manage­ment, directing intelligence collection platforms and unique capabilities rooted in the demanding world-class training and specialized development provided to its workforce. Kennedy professionals develop a thorough understanding of irregular and expeditionary mission sets in the CENTCOM, PACOM, AFRICOM, EUCOM and SOUTHCOM operating areas. Kennedy analysts are often called upon as Directors of Intelligence, Chief of Intelligence Operations, All-Source Senior Analysts, Collection Managers and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Directors. They are versed in analytical tradecraft, targeting, human intelligence support, and further specialized skillsets requested by NSW and NECC operators to provide vital support to unique missions around the world in order to protect national interests.


  • Kennedy offers its customers a total intelligence solu­tion ready to deploy globally.
  • Kennedy provides its customers with a proven advan­tage (analytical depth and subject matter expertise), often resulting in by-name requests to support national missions.
  • Kennedy analysts routinely assist senior NECC and NSW decision makers in confronting Irregular Warfare challenges.
  • Kennedy utilizes cutting edge analytical tools and techniques to provide their customers with a decisive advantage through tailored, specialized intelligence.


A Strategic Intelligence Community Resource

By assembling a world class work force, with experience in Afghanistan and Iraq, Kennedy's endeavors in multiple theaters around the globe demonstrate the value of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) investment in Irregular Warfare. The same organizational strengths, warrior mindset, and lessons learned are adapted and applied across multiple theaters to protect national interests. Kennedy's "Train-Deploy-Produce Intelligence· model has evolved over time to master the tenets of Battlespace Awareness, Information in Warfare and information as Warfare. The power in this model stems from the ability to deploy subject matter experts with operational units to geographic locations around the world to provide a decisive informational advantage, to support the same customers for- ward from garrison, and repeat the cycle with the same combat experienced professionals. Kennedy stands ready to deploy Intelligence Operators around the world to provide a swift, decisive warfighting advantage for the Navy.

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