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Office of Naval Intelligence Celebrates 137th Anniversary

March 27, 2019

ONI celebrated its 137th anniversary recognizing 10 civilians and five Sailors with awards in an annual ceremony.


ONI Commander Rear Adm. Gene Price presided over the event and recalled how the ONI has changed since its beginning.


“In 1882 when the Office of Naval Intelligence stood up, the office went out and started looking at what other navies were doing,” Price said. “Here we are 137 years later and we are no longer following other navies. We lead other navies.”


He recalled Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, who in a 1942 speech to district intelligence officers said: “We have got to make speed. The war moves faster every day. This war is faster beyond all comparisons than any other war in which we have ever engaged.”


Price said the ONI Command Achievement Awards presented during the ceremony serve to recognize those who did the very best to make sure that the Navy is ready and that no one will have to look at us again and say we need to go faster.

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