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29 JUNE 2020



Effective 29 June, at the direction of RADM Kelly Aeschbach, Commander, Office of Naval Intelligence, the National Maritime Intelligence Center has decreased its health protection condition (HPCON) in response to COVID-19 from HPCON CHARLIE to HPCON BRAVO.


  • Military and civilian personnel should continue to contact their military or supervisory chain-of-command for guidance. 
  • Contractor personnel should contact their home company for guidance.

Personnel who have met any of the following conditions in the last 14 days will be denied entry to the NMIC.

  • If you have traveled outside the local area, defined as a 250-mile radius from the NMIC, AND/OR
  • If you have been exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case, AND/OR
  • If you are sick with a fever, cough, loss of taste or smell, or shortness of breath.


If you are or suspect you may be ill – stay home, contact your supervisor or chain-of-command, and consult with your medical professional for further guidance. 


NMIC Personnel are advised to follow the guidelines for the previous HPCONs along with the following:

  • Practice social distancing. Avoid unnecessary contact with others, such as shaking hands and hugging.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel, especially to areas known to be experiencing active disease transmission.
  • Ensure supplies of food, medication, and other items needed for babies and pets are available to last at least 14 days.
  • Prepare for travel restrictions and cancellation of public gatherings, such as school, religious, and other community activities; make alternative arrangements for childcare.
  • Observe local guidance on movement restrictions and access requirements for military installations.
  • Seek guidance from employers and unit leaders about changes to work practices (e.g., telework) and training events.
  • Comply with medical orders for self-isolation or quarantine.

For more information on DOD Health Protection Condition Levels, visit: HPCON: Understanding Health Protection Condition Levels


This message will be updated as needed, and employees are encouraged to check back regularly for updates.             

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