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This is ONI

The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) is the nation’s premier source of maritime intelligence and a core element of the Navy’s Intelligence and Information Warfare communities. ONI collects, analyzes, and produces scientific, technical, geopolitical, and military maritime intelligence, disseminating it rapidly to strategic, operational, and tactical decision makers. The integrated civilian and military workforce delivers decision advantage to global maritime operations in all phases of competition – peace, crisis, combat – as well as informing defense acquisition needs.



ONI is chartered to provide products and services to meet Navy, Department of Defense (DoD) and national maritime intelligence requirements. ONI and its centers of excellence work synergistically to produce meaningful maritime intelligence and disseminate that intelligence rapidly to key strategic, operational and tactical decision makers.



ONI is headquartered in Suitland, Maryland, and is collocated with its centers of excellence. Each center is a distinct command with well-defined areas of responsibility and deep reservoirs of expertise. The facility features a 24/7 Global Maritime Collaboration Center, world class science and engineering laboratories and an information technology center.



ONI employs approximately 3,000 military, civilian, mobilized reservists and contractor personnel worldwide, including analysts, scientists, engineers, specialists and technicians. It also has the support of more than 800 Navy reservists who provide the equivalent of over 90 man-years of production during weekend drill and active duty periods


Customers & Tasking

ONI supports a broad range of customers worldwide, including Fleet commanders, operators and analysts, warfighters, the Navy acquisition community, national Intelligence Community organizations, law enforcement agencies, and foreign and coalition partners.


Production Authorities
ONI is required by U.S. Code (Title 50), Executive Order 12333 and as specified by SECDEF to perform analysis and production of the following:

  • Worldwide scientific and technical developments
  • Military research, development, test and evaluation
  • Military production and proliferation
  • Military systems characteristics and performance
  • Foreign naval forces leadership, organization, strategy, doctrine, tactics, techniques, procedures and readiness
  • Identification and tracking of merchant shipping

ONI's organizational structure is designed to strengthen the Navy's conventional and irregular war fighting capacities and to expand our foresight into new technologies, future platforms, weapons and sensors, and C41SR and cyber capabilities. It is aligned to enable the swift delivery of critical intelligence to ONI's customers in the fleet; research, development and acquisition; irregular warfare; and the U.S. Intelligence Community.


Established in 1882, as America's oldest continuously serving intelligence agency, the Office of Naval Intelligence has refined its core strengths over its more than 135-year history. Always adapting to new global challenges, ONI's structure and mission reflect the importance of intelligence to current U.S. Navy operations and to development of the future Navy.


Nimitz Warfare Analysis Center SealNimitz Warfare Analysis Center

The Nimitz Warfare Analysis Center is the Navy's pre-eminent center of excellence for operational and strategic analysis of issues and events with strategic implications within the maritime domain. The center supports fleet commanders and national policymakers with timely, relevant, and predictive analysis of adversary naval forces to achieve decision advantage in peace, crisis and war.

Farragut Technical Analysis Center SealFarragut Technical Analysis Center

The Farragut Technical Analysis Center analyzes the signatures, characteristics and performance data of foreign naval platforms, including ships, submarines and aircraft; weapons systems such as missiles, directed energy systems, and torpedoes; and communication systems, including sensors, electronic warfare and radar systems. The center also maintains the National Acoustic Intelligence Library, which characterizes  acoustic “fingerprints” of foreign naval systems.

Kennedy Maritime Analysis Center SealKennedy Maritime Analysis Center

The Kennedy Maritime Analysis Center delivers tailored civil maritime, counternarcotics, and adversary malign influence activities expertise coupled with a mastery of the intelligence cycle to enable national, Navy, partner, and ally operations, actions and investments. The center informs policy and plans while enabling day-to-day competition globally. From illuminating to enabling disruption of adversary influence in the maritime domain, Kennedy delivers decision advantage for the nation and Navy’s needs of today, furthering America’s warfighting advantage.

Hopper Global Communication Center SealHopper Global Communication Center

The Hopper Global Communications Center provides world-class information technology services that disseminate intelligence rapidly to strategic, operational and tactical decision makers. Its dedicated team provides robust and secure Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) communications and information technology services to Naval Intelligence shore activities across the planet. Additionally, Hopper enables afloat connectivity for partner nations through coalition intelligence sharing systems. Hopper also serves as the Navy’s 24/7 worldwide gateway for Fleet SCI messaging traffic and oversees the cybersecurity posture of JWICS, the warfighting network of Naval Intelligence.

Brooks Center for Maritime Engagement SealBrooks Center for Maritime Engagement

The Brooks Center for Maritime Engagement assimilates subject matter expertise with publicly available information to address strategic priorities concerning security threats to our global maritime environment. Brooks liaises and partners with the maritime community, enhancing ONI production and fostering decision advantage for U.S. Navy leadership.



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