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Farragut Technical Analysis Center

Command Ashore Pin
Commanding Officer Farragut Technical Analysis Center

Captain Robert Damsky, USN
Commanding Officer
Farragut Technical Analysis Center

The Farragut Technical Analysis Center is the U.S. Navy's Center of Excellence for strategic scientific and technical intelligence (S&TI) analysis of foreign technologies, sensors, weapons, platforms, combat systems, C4ISR, and cyber capabilities.

In addition to its all-source capabilities, the Farragut Center conducts ONI's foreign materiel exploitation, signal intelligence analysis, modeling and simulation, and is home to the national maritime acoustic intelligence laboratory. The Farragut is one of four Centers of Excellence that are distinct Commands under the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).




The Farragut Technical Analysis Center provides the highest quality strategic, S&TI analysis of foreign naval capabilities. Essential information and services are provided to a broad range of consumers including Navy acquisition managers, weapons and systems developers, operational forces, and national security policy-makers.


Functions, Roles & Responsibilities


The Farragut Center ensures the Navy understands the foreign-force capabilities it is likely to encounter and helps prepare the Navy to meet the current and future challenges. All S&TI efforts are executed in this center, including the Scientific and Technical liaison Office (STILO) program.



The Farragut Center is responsible for analyzing and publishing ONI positions on the following analytical topics:

  • In-depth term analysis of foreign navies, platforms and weapons
  • Naval platform capabilities, signatures, performance assessments and projections
  • Geophysical signature measurements, modeling and projections
  • Acoustic and non-acoustic sensor capabilities
  • TechELINT analysis
  • C41SR assessments
  • Foreign materiel exploitation
  • Foreign weapon system and engineering assessments, modeling and projections
  • Acoustic Intelligence [ACINTJ



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